Solaris 11 ... live upgrade notes

_The statements and opinions expressed here are my own_
_ and do not necessarily represent those of Oracle Corporation._ 
  _This applies to: Solaris 11 Express 2010.11, but should apply to future Solaris 11 releases._

Live upgrade is finally built-in to the operating system. I don't see why anyone would update their systems using any other way. This mechanism has changed slightly as solaris 11 has matured, but these notes should be p

In this example, I am calling my new boot environment "newBE", however I would normally use a name like "s10u9" or "snv_151a". Other good names would be "sol11_july2011", making it clear which one is which. The default names can be pretty horrible.

Sequence of commands to update to a new release:

Point pkg(1) at a new repository, if necessary:

**# pkg set-publisher -G <old-origin> -g <new-origin>**
Update locally cached data:** **
**# pkg refresh**
Confirm the repository we're pointed at has the expected version of solaris available.
**# pkg info -r entire**
Create a new boot environment, then mount and update it. These next steps _can_ be done as one command, but I prefer to do each step explicitly as this guarantees I am operating on a separate boot environment.
**# beadm create newBE**
**# bedam mount newBE /tmp/newBE**
**# pkg -R /tmp/newBE update**
Finally, activate and reboot into the new environment:
**# beadm activate newBE**
**# init 6**
** **