Solaris 11.1 -- Easy SMF manifest creation

The following command will generate a basic SMF manifest for a simple daemon process (in my case, the transmission bit torrent program)

$ svcbundle \ 
  -s service-name=application/transmissionbt \ 
  -s start-method="/usr/local/transmission-2.76/bin/transmission-daemon" \ 
  -s model=daemon \ 
  > /tmp/xmiss.xml

.. In my case, I want my tranmission daemon to run as a non-root user, so I edit the file and replace:

<instance enabled="true" name="default"/>


<instance enabled="true" name="default"> 
  <methodcontext workingdirectory='/var/tmp'>         <methodcredential group='staff' user='dluser'/>       </methodcontext>     </instance>

Finally, import the manifest:

svccfg import /tmp/xmiss.xml